These terms and conditions apply to all our services directly or indirectly made available online, through any mobile devices, by mail, or by telephone and may be amended from time to time.


  1. Definitions:


  1. Direct Chemist Outlet Pty Ltd ( hereafter called ‘Platform’) services, ownership and its operation and authority of operation is owned by Direct Chemist Outlet Pty Ltd (ABN: 76 123 831 201).


  1. The content and infrastructure of these pages, and the products provided on these pages and through the ‘Platform’ are owned, operated and provided by Direct Chemist Outlet Pty Ltd (“”, “us”, “we”, “our”) and are provided for your personal, non-commercial use only.


  1. “Product” (“products”) means the goods and service we list on the platform


  1. “Customers” (“you”, “customer”) in these terms and conditions means any person of 18 years or older who access the platform and/or purchase products and/or services.


  1. “Service” (“services”) means the online order system of


  1. “Intellectual Property Rights” means any patent, copyright, inventions, database rights, registered designs, trade mark, trade name, brand, logos, service mark, know-how, utility model, unregistered design or, where relevant, any application for any such right, know-how, trade or business name, domain or other similar right or obligation whether registered or unregistered or other industrial or intellectual property right subsisting in any territory or jurisdiction in Australia.


  1. User and Account


  1. You (“you, yours”) means any person of 18 years or older who access the platform shall be responsible for the access and use the platform and any account you create on the platform and all activity related your account.


  1. You shall be responsible of changing, requesting (notify us by sending request to info@ for your new password of your account.


  1. You shall be responsible for attempting to access the website or the account from any place or under any circumstances where such access may be illegal.


  1. When you register as a user or create an account on the platform, you shall be responsible for understanding all services or logistic regulations, purchase limitations, pricing policy and refund policy of the platform within the context of these terms and conditions.


  1. User’s Rights and Obligations.


  1. Your information provided to the platform shall at all times be true, accurate and not misleading. You shall understand once the online order is complete, you shall comply with the terms and conditions within the context of these terms and conditions, but not limited to
  1. The price of product you purchased;
  2. The quantity of product you purchased;
  3. The expiry date of product you purchased;
  4. Refund policy applied to your platform orders;
  5. The logistic policy, dispatch and receiving confirmation.

The platform shall not have and disclaims any liability and responsibility for the event of your suffered injury, disability, death, unexpected financial loss, unexpected emotional damages, abuses or spiritual loss for your consumed purchases on the platform.


  1. Payment shall be made by you directly to the platform via Securepay. For avoidance of doubt, other means of payment (such as cheque, money order or via “payment agencies”) cannot be processed by platform and therefore will not be accepted. You shall bear all costs as charged by the banks for the transfer of the funds. You shall check and verify your account once the order has been placed.


  1. When an order is made by you on the platform, you shall receive a confirmation of the order information via the platform, which shall include the time and date of the purchase, the quantity of products, name of product(s), delivery address, receiver’s full name and contact number. The platform is not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information, including payment details and shipping address, provided by you and the platform is not responsible for the payment obligations of you relating to your purchase. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall check and verify your account and the status of the order placed.


  1. Complaints or claims with respect to (the product offered, promotional sales, special sales) the requests made by customers are to be dealt with by the platforms authorised customer service, without mediation by or interference of the platform. The platform is not responsible for and disclaims any liability with respect to such claims from the customers. The platform may at all times and at its sole discretion:
  1. Offer a product list and service to a customer.
  2. Provide pricing of the products on the platform.


  1. Guarantee of the order is based on the customers’ successful payment status by the customer or the person responsible for the order placed. The customer shall at all times ensure the payment of the order is successful, if you are unable or unwilling to do so, the platform may cancel the order.


  1. You as a customer do have the right to cancel an order, or request a refund under the platforms refund policy. You shall be responsible for understanding the refund or cancellation policy before you create an order. Therefore, once an order has been placed by you or a person who is responsible for the purchase, you shall comply with these terms and conditions and with the platforms return policy.


  1. Limitation of Liability
    1. Subject to Clause 4, and to the extent permitted by law, we exclude all implied warranties and conditions which might otherwise apply to these terms.


  1. Nothing in Clause 4 shall be read or applied as significant to exclude, restrict or modify, or have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying, the application of all or any of the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or any relevant State Act or Territorial Ordinance which by law cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.